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Spanish entertainment and education

I started learning Spanish. I had no idea that I would become smitten. My passion for the language grew and I discovered new worlds of music, literature, culture, food, and more. I uncovered an enormous labyrinth that was in front of me the entire time…Spanish entertainment and education.

Comprehensible Input

I have also learned quite a bit about different methods and techniques to learn a new language. Comprehensible input is one method I have found very useful. Essentially It is focused on acquiring vocabulary through primarily listening to simple stories or lessons often with someone showing images, pictures or drawings.


As your vocabulary grows the stories introduce new vocabulary and more complex sentences. Over time you begin to introduce reading, writing and eventually speaking to the mix.


There are quite a few resources dedicated to comprehensible input. Here are a few of the resources I found valuable in learning about this method.



There is an abundant amount of information out there on comprehensible input. I plan on dedicating more about this in subsequent articles to combine Spanish education and entertainment using comprehensible input techniques.

Make it enjoyable and meaningful.

Comprehensible input also emphasizes making the learning process fun and meaningful. Instead of conjugation drills and vocabulary flashcards the emphasis is on finding content that is interesting and meaningful. That way you are learning about topics that interest you while acquiring vocabulary and grammar naturally.


Here are a few of my favorite sites that use comprehensible input in creative and interesting ways.



This website is a collection of thoughts, discoveries, observations about this journey learning Spanish. I hope you enjoy and find it interesting or funny, and perhaps useful. If you have ideas, comments, jokes, stories or suggestions send me a note on the contact page or dive right in to the most recent posts