Short sentences about my yard

I like to walk in my garden.
My favorite time of year is spring.
My dog accompanies me.

One of my cats likes to follow.
Her name is Bunny.
But she is not a bunny.

I wish I could name the plants.
There are weeds in the grass.
But we all get along.

I have too much bamboo.
I know what bamboo is.
A stranger eats the bamboo.

I built a fire pit in my yard.
Red chairs surround the stones.
They are often empty.

The fences belong to the neighbors.
Some of them are broken.
But the horse stays home.

The trees are the sages.
I wish they could tell a story.
Nightshades guard the patio.

The birds are everywhere.
I see the fox almost everyday.
I think we’ve met before.

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