El Robo Del Siglo Poster

The Robbery of The Century

This past Saturday I saw a movie called The Robbery of the Century. I love this movie because it’s a Robin Hood story. It is about a robbery of characters who have money, without violence. And it’s also a true story.

There is a man who is not a criminal. The man is often stoned. but one day he discovered a way to tunnel a bank through an aqueduct.

He found some thieves to help him. He made a big plan that confused the police. The robbers entered the bank normally. They then stole the boxes with money, jewelry, and other valuables. The thieves bothered the police and then disappeared.

They almost succeeded. But a wife of a thief told the police about her husband and her money. Eventually, all the thieves were caught.

Guillermo Francella and Diego Peretti are the protagonists of the film. This is one of my favorite movies. I knew about the story because I listened to a podcast about the robbery. The podcast had interviews with many people involved with the robbery. There are policemen, robbers, lawyers, and other characters.

I recommend this movie, it’s excellent, funny, and a history lesson.

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